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Our Firm

Kennedy Wilson (NYSE:KW) is a vertically integrated global real estate investment and services company with over $18.1 billion in assets under management.

Founded in 1977, we have owned and operated real estate related investments for over 37 years on behalf of our shareholders and our clients. We have over 450 employees in 25 offices throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Jersey, Spain and Japan and manage and work with over 4,000 operating associates. We focus on adding value for our shareholders through sourcing global opportunistic investment opportunities. Also, our services
business creates additional value through fee generation and strategic investment management.
Our operations are defined by two core business units: KW Investments and KW Services. KW Investments invests our capital in real estate-related assets. KW Services provides a full array of real estate-related services to the company and its investment partners, third party owners, and lenders, with a strong focus on financial institution based clients. Included in KW Services is our management of Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc. The two segments have a symbiotic relationship and work closely together. KW Services provides insight and creates investment opportunities for KW Investments while KW Investments provides clients the ability to utilize the capabilities of KW Services.